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Published 4th Jul 2016, 10:37

Bids and Deals: July 2016

Grey Group, the WPP global marketing network, has acquired a majority stake in the Chinese social marketing agency Easycom Group with over 40 employees and annual income of £4.5 million…Dentsu... Read more
Published 27th Jun 2016, 22:42

Sector share prices: 27 June 2016

Shares in marketing companies continued their downward drift today as the consequences of “Brexit” were more fully digested. The sector’s MSFI Index has now lost 8.3% of its value in the... Read more
Published 25th Jun 2016, 10:53

Sorrell: post-Brexit uncertainty will “slow decision-making and deter activity”

WPP’s chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell today expressed concern that the uncertainty following the Brexit vote will slow decision-making and deter activity. “This is not good news, to say the... Read more
Published 24th Jun 2016, 10:01

Shares in marketing groups fall further on “Brexit” vote

Shares of marketing companies suffered further falls this morning as the UK contemplated its future outside the European Union.  The sector’s MSFI Index has fallen by 3.6% in the last two days and... Read more
Published 22nd Jun 2016, 10:53

WPP gambles £57.5m on buying back shares

WPP has spent £57.5 million so far this month on buying back its own shares in the market while “Brexit” fears have been undermining share prices in the marketing sector and elsewhere. As a... Read more
Published 20th Jun 2016, 09:18

“Brexit” fears continue to depress marketing shares

Fear of Britain voting to leave the European Union is continuing to have a depressing influence on share prices of companies in the marketing sector alongside other factors. Among companies with... Read more
Published 14th Jun 2016, 14:59

Marketing sector share prices fall amid “Brexit” fears

The price of shares in all but two of the 17 marketing companies listed on the London stock exchange fell in the 36 trading hours to Tuesday 14 June as investors weighed up the possibility of a... Read more
Published 13th Jun 2016, 07:00

Sector share prices: 12 June 2016

With the battle between Brexit and Remain in full flow, shares of companies in the marketing sector took on a nervous tone during the month to 12 June whereas the FTSE All-Share Index appeared to... Read more
Published 12th Jun 2016, 14:39

Shareholders bear more risk as UK listed marketing groups pursue acquisitions

Publicly listed marketing companies have been increasing their borrowings and increasing the risk to be borne by their shareholders as they pursued more acquisitions, according to the latest annual... Read more
Published 8th Jun 2016, 16:56

WPP doing “extremely well” in spate of media pitches

WPP has continued to perform extremely well in the “tsunami” of 2015 media pitches involving over $20 billion in billings that were prompted by concerns over undisclosed rebates and other... Read more