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Published 16th Apr 2018, 13:54

Investors speculate on WPP’s future as shares slip further

Shares in the world’s largest marketing group WPP shed more than 5% of their value this morning in the wake of the sudden departure of chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell (see Sorrell shock: “In... Read more
Published 14th Apr 2018, 23:58

Sorrell shock: “In the interest of all it is best for me to step down”

Sir Martin Sorrell has stepped down as chief executive of the world’s biggest marketing group that he founded – WPP - in circumstances that he could never have dreamt of. Faced with an... Read more
Published 14th Apr 2018, 23:00

Sector share prices: 12 April 2018

Over half the publicly listed marketing companies lost value in the latest month to 12 April, led by Zinc Media (down 36.7%), Matomy Media Group (down 19.7%), Porta Communications (down 15.8%) and... Read more
Published 9th Apr 2018, 14:06

WPP in the spotlight – for all the wrong reasons

The allegation of personal misconduct that has been levelled at WPP’s founder and chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell has yet to be proven (see WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell denies allegations of... Read more
Published 4th Apr 2018, 00:10

WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell denies allegations of misconduct

Sir Martin Sorrell this morning issued a strong denial of any financial impropriety in response to an allegation of personal misconduct that is being investigated on behalf of WPP, the world’s... Read more
Published 28th Mar 2018, 19:30

Sir Martin Sorrell gifts £10m to charitable foundation

Sir Martin Sorrell this week donated shares worth about £10 million to his charity, the JMCMRJ Foundation, increasing its WPP shareholding to about £61 million and more than compensating for the... Read more
Published 15th Mar 2018, 13:32

Sorrell’s share stake in WPP slips to £215m after disposals and price fall

Sir Martin Sorrell’s shareholding in WPP, the company he created, has fallen to £215 million after selling some shares last November and then being hit by the company’s declining share price.... Read more
Published 13th Mar 2018, 00:35

Sector share prices: 12 March 2018

Share price movements in the marketing sector were somewhat erratic in the month to 12 March, with roughly half of the shares making significant gains while most of the others made significant... Read more
Published 1st Mar 2018, 15:04

Abnormal gains flatter WPP’s flat performance in 2017

WPP is planning for flat like-for-like revenue and a flat operating profit margin in 2018 after experiencing a static underlying operating profit in 2017, the company announced as it published its... Read more
Published 27th Feb 2018, 19:40

Now WPP consolidates Cohn & Wolfe with Burson-Marsteller

After recent moves to consolidate its design and research businesses, WPP today announced the consolidation of two major public relations consultancies – Cohn & Wolfe and Burson-Marsteller –... Read more