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Published 19th Oct 2018, 16:15

Interpublic lifts revenues and margins, but is hit by exceptionals

The Interpublic Group of Companies lifted its operating profit by 9.1% in the nine months to 30 September, helped by an improved operating profit margin and a better ratio of staff costs to... Read more
Published 1st Oct 2018, 22:57

Interpublic completes $2.3bn Acxiom acquisition on schedule

The Interpublic Group of Companies today completed the $2.3 billion purchase of Acxiom, formerly known as Acxiom Marketing Solutions, after raising $2 billion by an issue of loan notes 10 days... Read more
Published 25th Jul 2018, 09:52

Interpublic’s revenue up 6% in half year: UK jumps by 22.5%

The Interpublic Group of Companies recorded a better second quarter this year, bringing its gross income (revenue net of rechargeable costs) for the half year to $3.7 million, or 6% ahead of the... Read more
Published 27th Apr 2018, 15:41

Interpublic loses $14m after exceptional $24.4m charge

The Interpublic Group of Companies reported a loss of $14.1 million for the first quarter of 2017, possibly explaining why a shareholder has been seeking to amend the group’s governance rules to... Read more
Published 11th Apr 2018, 19:23

Interpublic board fights bid to impose an independent chairman

The board of The Interpublic Group of Companies is fighting a bid to require the chairman to be an independent member of the board. On the agenda for the company’s shareholders’ meeting, to... Read more
Published 15th Feb 2018, 18:38

Stagnant revenue and Trump tax erodes Omnicom profit

Omnicom Group’s revenue in 2017 was virtually unchanged from that earned in 2016, the company reported today.  And its post-tax profit fell by 5.2% after President Trump’s new law helped push up... Read more
Published 14th Feb 2018, 22:44

Interpublic’s profits hit by Trump tax reform

President Trump’s newly introduced Tax Cuts and Jobs Act contributed to a very big increase in the tax charge incurred by The Interpublic Group of Companies for 2017.   While the group’s... Read more
Published 29th Aug 2017, 22:34

Agitating fund manager stalks WPP but lowers stake in Interpublic

Harris Associates, the agitating Chicago based investment manager with funds totalling $124 billion entrusted to it, has been acquiring shares in WPP as the company experienced disappointing half... Read more
Published 30th Jun 2017, 15:13

Interpublic appoints financial non-exec director

The Interpublic Group of Companies has appointed E Lee Wyatt Jr to its board as a non-executive director. Wyatt, aged 64, is the currently senior vice president and chief financial officer of... Read more
Published 8th Dec 2016, 13:37

Spare a thought for Michael Roth this week

Brought into The Interpublic Group in 2005 following a spate of financial scandals and the accumulation of losses totalling $1 billion, Michael Roth’s aim was to put the company back on to a sound... Read more