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Published 29th Jan 2019, 13:05

WPP confirms Sorrell is repaying personal expenses

WPP has confirmed that its founder and former chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell has been asked to repay various expenses incurred by him that were allegedly related to personal or family... Read more
Published 22nd Nov 2018, 13:24

S4 Capital appoints APAC chief while rumoured US deal awaited

Sir Martin Sorrell’s new venture S4 Capital has appointed a chief executive to manage its Asia Pacific region.  The new recruit is Michel de Rijk who was previously employed by WPP’s GroupM... Read more
Published 9th Nov 2018, 10:29

Sorrell closes in on second acquisition

Sir Martin Sorrell’s new venture S4 Capital is expecting to conclude its second acquisition in the near future as it confirmed today that it is in talks with a digital marketing services... Read more
Published 14th Sep 2018, 09:03

Why should S4 Capital founders be rewarded before trading starts?

Under arrangements that might be more likely to be discovered among footballers than advertising executives, founding shareholders in Sir Martin Sorrell’s new company S4 Capital will enjoy... Read more
Published 11th Sep 2018, 23:03

Sorrell advised that MediaMonks deal hasn’t broken WPP confidentiality agreement

WPP’s former chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell does not expect any successful claim to be made against him by his former employer for a breach of a confidentiality agreement that is alleged to... Read more
Published 31st Aug 2018, 10:41

Sorrell successor to be announced within weeks

The appointment of a successor to Sir Martin Sorrell as chief executive of WPP is expected to be announced within the next few weeks when the group has completed negotiations with the preferred... Read more
Published 24th Jul 2018, 17:09

Shareholders approve Sorrell’s S4 Capital merger with listed Derriston Capital

Shareholders in Derriston Capital today approved the merger with Sir Martin Sorrell’s acquisition vehicle S4 Capital as a result of which Sir Martin will acquire a controlling interest in the... Read more
Published 18th Jul 2018, 00:03

WPP’s shares remain in the doldrums

Shares in the world’s biggest marketing group lost another 3.75% of their value yesterday as the company struggled to regain its credibility after the departure of its former founder and chief... Read more
Published 4th Jul 2018, 16:34

Sorrell to raise £1 billion for acquisitions: first deal is near

Sir Martin Sorrell’s new acquisition vehicle S4Capital is planning to raise £1 billion in additional share capital to fund acquisitions, one of which is already in the pipeline. It has already... Read more
Published 30th May 2018, 17:25

Sorrell and institutions could make 33% paper gain before S4 Capital launch

Sir Martin Sorrell and various institutions who have invested £50 million in his new company S4 Capital will have made an initial paper gain of 33% on their investment if the planned sale to the... Read more