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Published 13th Feb 2019, 22:50

Sector share prices: 12 February 2019

Prices of shares in most publicly traded marketing services companies made modest progress in the month to 12 February as the FTSE All-Share Index improved by 2.79%.  Nevertheless, the... Read more
Published 12th Jan 2019, 18:11

Sector share prices: 12 January 2019

Shares in most publicly listed marketing services companies showed very little movement over the Christmas period and the overall mood was fairly subdued.  The sector’s MSFI Index eased by... Read more
Published 31st Dec 2018, 16:12

S4 Capital upbeat, but acquisition prices still look rather generous

Sir Martin Sorrell’s new marketing group S4 Capital is reported to have continued trading “in line with expectations” with healthy revenue growth in the period to 30 November 2018, according to... Read more
Published 26th Dec 2018, 20:09

Happy Christmas for MightyHive shareholders

Shareholders in the US media consultancy MightyHive enjoyed a bumper Christmas present when Sir Martin Sorrell’s S4 Capital completed the £118 million ($150 million) purchase on Christmas Eve and... Read more
Published 20th Dec 2018, 22:25

S4 Capital successfully raises £74m for MightyHive deal

Sir Martin Sorrell’s new acquisition vehicle S4 Capital has successfully raised the £74 million in new share capital (£70.6 million net of expenses) required to complete the acquisition of the US... Read more
Published 16th Dec 2018, 23:49

Sector share prices: 12 December 2018

Most shares showed a nervous twitch in the month to 12 December as political and economic factors took their toll.  The sector’s MSFI Index slipped by 2.45% in the month to 74.7 (Jan 2001:... Read more
Published 6th Dec 2018, 23:55

S4 Capital values MightyHive at $150m and offers board seats to two of its leaders

Sir Martin Sorrell's S4 Capital has valued its second acquisition - the US media consultancy MightyHive – at $150 million (£118 million), according to the circular issued to shareholders this... Read more
Published 3rd Dec 2018, 09:45

MightyHive acquisition talks confirmed by S4 Capital

Sir Martin Sorrell’s new venture S4 Capital confirmed this morning that its acquisition talks with MightyHive are at an “advanced” stage. The rumoured talks with the San Francisco... Read more
Published 22nd Nov 2018, 13:24

S4 Capital appoints APAC chief while rumoured US deal awaited

Sir Martin Sorrell’s new venture S4 Capital has appointed a chief executive to manage its Asia Pacific region.  The new recruit is Michel de Rijk who was previously employed by WPP’s GroupM... Read more
Published 15th Nov 2018, 13:41

S4 Capital reports 32% growth in income

Sir Martin Sorrell’s new venture S4 Capital has reported gross income of £18.3 million in the quarter to 30 September. However, the main source of that income was MediaMonks Multimedia Holding... Read more