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Published 15th Jan 2018, 22:39

Leagas Delaney’s accounts four months overdue

Accounts of advertising agency Leagas Delaney for 2016 have now been overdue for four months. The delay has already prompted the Registrar of Companies to threaten to strike off and dissolve the... Read more
Published 31st Dec 2017, 00:16

Freud exploits company law to delay filing 2016 accounts still further

Matthew Freud’s high profile public relations group has taken another initiative that will enable it to delay filing consolidated results for 2016 still further. Freud first used the legal... Read more
Published 7th Dec 2017, 15:26

Leagas Delaney dissolution not to proceed

The Registrar of Companies announced today that cause has now been shown to abandon its proposed dissolution of advertising agency Leagas Delaney. Last week the Registrar of Companies... Read more
Published 1st Dec 2017, 11:27

Leagas Delaney threatened with being struck off

Leagas Delaney, the parent company of the advertising agency group controlled by veteran creative director Tim Delaney, has been warned by the Registrar of Companies that the company will be struck... Read more
Published 5th Jul 2017, 16:23

Inside Ideas Group adds another £100,000 share capital

Inside Ideas Group has raised a further £100,000 in share capital, bringing the total increase in share capital since 26 April to £1.3 million. The additional shares were issued on 10... Read more