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Published 22nd Feb 2019, 13:37

r4e buys profitable entertainment marketing agency

Reach4Entertainment Enterprises has agreed to acquire the London-based entertainment marketing agency Agency Press that trades as Sold Out for a maximum price of £10 million. Under the terms... Read more
Published 13th Feb 2019, 22:50

Sector share prices: 12 February 2019

Prices of shares in most publicly traded marketing services companies made modest progress in the month to 12 February as the FTSE All-Share Index improved by 2.79%.  Nevertheless, the... Read more
Published 12th Jan 2019, 18:11

Sector share prices: 12 January 2019

Shares in most publicly listed marketing services companies showed very little movement over the Christmas period and the overall mood was fairly subdued.  The sector’s MSFI Index eased by... Read more
Published 11th Jan 2019, 09:19

Bids and Deals: January 2019

WPP has agreed to sell its minority stake in French public affairs consultancy Richard Attias & Associates to existing shareholders…reach4entertainment enterprises has agreed to acquire 50% of... Read more
Published 20th Dec 2018, 19:26

Reach4Entertainment’s finance director returns

Linzi Allen has returned to her role as finance director at Reach4Entertainment Enterprises after completing her maternity leave.  Consequently her interim replacement Ralph Wilson will conclude his... Read more
Published 16th Dec 2018, 23:49

Sector share prices: 12 December 2018

Most shares showed a nervous twitch in the month to 12 December as political and economic factors took their toll.  The sector’s MSFI Index slipped by 2.45% in the month to 74.7 (Jan 2001:... Read more
Published 28th Nov 2018, 22:08

Marc Boyan’s Miroma Holdings buys Way to Blue

Miroma Holdings, the media bartering business that seeks to work with brands, media agencies and media owners in order to maximise the value derived from brand owners’ marketing budgets, has... Read more
Published 13th Oct 2018, 21:34

Sector Share Prices: 12 October 2018

The UK’s marketing sector failed to avoid the fallout experienced among world stock markets in recent weeks. As the FTSE All-Share Index fell by 4.75% in the month to 12 October, shares in... Read more
Published 17th Sep 2018, 21:39

Sector share prices: 12 September 2018

Shares in the marketing sector outperformed the FTSE All-Share Index for the third successive month in the period to 12 September.   The sector’s MSFI Index improved by 3.71% to 82.4 (Jan 2001:... Read more
Published 14th Aug 2018, 07:57

Sector share prices: 12 August 2018

Strong price improvements by a small number of marketing companies’ shares more than offset a generally declining sector performance in the month to 12 August. As a result, the sector’s... Read more