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Published 5th Dec 2018, 09:36

Design consultancy and media buyer achieve top rankings in this year’s “Private Plums” awards

Two privately owned marketing agencies achieved the highest score for their financial credentials in this year’s Private Plums awards and both have done so before. Announcing the results of the... Read more
Published 6th Oct 2017, 18:04

Tangent’s new owner declares £17.5m profit while trading at a loss

Portland Asset Management (UK), the vehicle established by Michael Green and his family to acquire Tangent Communications from its public shareholders last year, incurred an operating loss of £1.6... Read more
Published 18th Feb 2016, 11:45

Tangent promises to provide Writtle with information

Relationships between AIM listed Tangent Communications and its potential acquirer Writtle Holdings became increasingly tetchy this morning when the independent directors of Tangent issued an... Read more
Published 17th Feb 2016, 17:13

Writtle complains about Tangent’s lack of response

Writtle Holdings today complained that, following its proposal to seek support for a counter-bid for AIM listed Tangent Communications, it has “not received any information from Tangent to enable... Read more