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Published 3rd Mar 2017, 18:06

WPP reports 17.6% revenue growth and £1.4bn post-tax profit

WPP’s gross income (net sales) increased by 17.8% in 2016 and its operating profit leapt by 26.4%. The group’s revenue increased by 17.6%, putting it nearly 27% ahead of its closest rival... Read more
Published 1st Mar 2017, 13:03

Havas enjoys best revenue growth rate among top six so far

Havas, the French based global marketing group, has reported a 4% rise in revenue, but a very small improvement in operating profit, for 2016.   The revenue growth rate was the best among the five... Read more
Published 23rd Feb 2017, 08:49

Lucky Generals join forces with TBWA

A majority stake in Lucky Generals, the UK creative agency formed by former MCBD partners Helen Calcraft, Andy Nairn and Danny Brooke-Taylor, has been acquired by Omnicom Group’s TBWA... Read more
Published 14th Feb 2017, 16:55

Dentsu enhances governance as profits stagnate

Dentsu, the Japan based global marketing group that has recently been beset with issues over domestic working conditions and over-billing of digital clients, reported an almost unchanged post-tax... Read more
Published 10th Feb 2017, 15:56

Interpublic’s profit up 34%: revenue growth rate beats Omnicom and Publicis

The Interpublic Group of Companies increased the post-tax profit earned for its shareholders by almost 34% in 2016 as it froze its non-staff operating costs and benefitted from a relatively small... Read more
Published 26th Jan 2017, 09:59

Happy Wednesday for Mother’s founding shareholders

Wednesday Agency Group, the multi-media fashion marketing agency that was demerged from Mother Holdings and sold to Omnicom Group‘s BBDO subsidiary in January last year, enjoyed a 37% jump in... Read more
Published 21st Jan 2017, 11:56

Lucky Generals traded profitably in latest year

Lucky Generals, the agency reported to have been in talks about obtaining a capital injection from Omnicom Group, appears to have continued trading at a reasonable profit in its most recent year to... Read more
Published 14th Jan 2017, 22:46

Lucky Generals in talks about capital injection

Reports that Lucky Generals – the agency founded by former MCBD executives Helen Calcraft, Danny Brook-Taylor and Andy Nairn – has been in talks about obtaining a capital injection from Omnicom... Read more
Published 19th Dec 2016, 17:02

WPP joins IPG, Publicis and Omnicom in anti-trust probe

WPP has become the latest of the five global advertising groups to come under scrutiny by the US Justice Department in its investigation into alleged price-fixing in relation to video production and... Read more
Published 8th Dec 2016, 13:37

Spare a thought for Michael Roth this week

Brought into The Interpublic Group in 2005 following a spate of financial scandals and the accumulation of losses totalling $1 billion, Michael Roth’s aim was to put the company back on to a sound... Read more