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Published 10th Aug 2017, 08:49

Transparency report may put pressure on agency margins

Agency profitability may come under pressure if clients take a more aggressive attitude towards relationships with in-house production units and third party suppliers following a new report on... Read more
Published 9th Aug 2017, 16:11

Currencies and amortisation held back Dentsu’s growth

Dentsu’s purposeful expansion overseas has had a short-term detrimental financial impact as its profit fell by 14.2% to ¥30,712 million ($268 million) for the half year to 30 June. Revenue grew... Read more
Published 31st Jul 2017, 22:24

Very Lucky Generals: why did TBWA pay £15m?

The filing of the accounts of the Omnicom Group subsidiary TBWA UK Group last week confirmed that it made what at first sight seems an inexplicably large initial cash payment of £15 million to... Read more
Published 20th Jul 2017, 23:07

New accounting rule will accelerate revenue recognition at Omnicom

A new US accounting rule is expected to accelerate the recognition of revenue that Omnicom Group derives from performance based incentive schemes. The rule, which may also affect other US... Read more
Published 18th Jul 2017, 15:29

Omnicom Group appoints another non-executive director

Gracia Martore has been appointed an independent director on the board of Omnicom Group and will join its audit committee. The company said that the appointment formed part of an ongoing process... Read more
Published 7th Jun 2017, 14:21

Private Equity: is there a better way?

Can value be realised from a private business without the risk of giving up control? The Business Growth Fund may provide one answer.   In the nineteen eighties marketing agencies were created... Read more
Published 27th Apr 2017, 10:42

WPP’s revenue up 16.9% as devalued pound offsets North American decline

WPP’s revenue growth in the first quarter of 2017 was a highly impressive 16.9%, but most of that growth came from the continuing decline in sterling and its favourable impact on an otherwise... Read more
Published 26th Apr 2017, 18:29

Havas grows faster than Publicis despite poor European showing

Havas Group produced a stagnant performance in Europe in the first quarter of 2017. But a slightly better performance in America and a positive currency influence together enabled the group as a... Read more
Published 21st Apr 2017, 17:35

Interpublic finds the going tough

The Interpublic Group of Companies struggled to increase revenues in the first quarter of 2017, adding only 0.7% to the revenues earned in the corresponding quarter of 2016.  Even after excluding... Read more
Published 20th Apr 2017, 11:04

Publicis revenue growth evaporates

As foreshadowed towards the end of last year, Publicis would have reported a small decline in revenue in the first quarter of 2017 if foreign currency movements had not come to its aid.  Instead the... Read more