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Published 28th Nov 2018, 22:08

Marc Boyan’s Miroma Holdings buys Way to Blue

Miroma Holdings, the media bartering business that seeks to work with brands, media agencies and media owners in order to maximise the value derived from brand owners’ marketing budgets, has... Read more
Published 12th Apr 2018, 08:56

Reach4Entertainment gets closer to Miroma Holdings

The relationship between AIM listed Reach4Entertainment Enterprises and chief executive Marc Boyan’s private company Miroma Holdings moved closer this morning with the announcement that Miroma’s... Read more
Published 13th Feb 2018, 17:53

Gate Ventures to sell 23.5% stake in Reach4Entertainment

The global entertainment company Gate Ventures that is chaired by Lord Michael Grade and includes the Duchess of York on its board announced today that it would be selling its entire 23.5%... Read more
Published 12th Feb 2018, 10:37

r4e signs media buying deals with chief executive’s company

The media buying and bartering company Miroma Holdings that is controlled by the recently appointed chief executive of the AIM listed entertainment marketing group Reach4Entertainment Enterprises has... Read more
Published 5th Dec 2017, 11:33

Reach4Entertainment raising £5.5m

Reach4Entertainment Enterprises, the AIM listed entertainment marketing group, has completed arrangements for a conditional placing of its shares by Allenby Capital to raise £5.5 million before... Read more