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Published 31st Dec 2018, 00:01

Freud engages in accounting date antics yet again

Matthew Freud’s high profile public relations business Freud 3.0 has taken advantage of a weakness in company law yet again, deferring the deadline for filing its 2017 accounts by another three... Read more
Published 11th Feb 2018, 21:01

Freud group loses £6m on sale of yacht bought from Matthew Freud

Matthew Freud’s high profile public relations group has written off nearly £6 million on selling the yacht Kingdom Come that had been bought from a partnership controlled by Freud himself. The... Read more
Published 12th Oct 2017, 08:37

Piecing together Freud’s 2016 financial jigsaw

While observers may still be waiting to read the 2016 consolidated financial results of Matthew Freud’s business empire – until recently headed by Freud (Holdings) - details are beginning to... Read more
Published 7th Oct 2016, 18:31

Freud buys a yacht and sells it to his company

Matthew Freud’s highly profitable public relations business Freud (Holdings) has added the ocean-going luxury yacht Kingdom Come to its assets at a cost of £12 million. However, the... Read more