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Published 21st Sep 2018, 23:25

Interpublic raises $2bn for Acxiom Marketing Solutions purchase

The Interpublic Group of Companies has successfully raised the $2 billion required to fund the acquisition of the marketing solutions division from Acxiom Corporation. The prospective purchase... Read more
Published 24th May 2018, 08:15

Bids and Deals: May 2018

MullenLowe, the Interpublic Group network, has bought the business of ARC Public Relations in the Philippines…Accenture Interactive has acquired the Chinese digital agency HO Communication based... Read more
Published 16th May 2018, 00:15

Dentsu’s profit falls by £47.5m in first quarter of 2018

Dentsu’s post-tax profit fell by 39.9% in the first quarter of 2018 while gross income improved by 4.3%.  Measured in sterling, the group made a post-tax profit of £71.7 million, down from... Read more
Published 30th Apr 2018, 08:32

WPP joins Publicis in reporting revenue fall

Currency movements have played havoc with revenues reported by global groups for the first quarter of 2018, as WPP followed Publics Groupe in reporting a material decline. WPP’s revenue fell... Read more
Published 6th Dec 2017, 10:19

Bids and Deals: December 2017

Dentsu Aegis Network has agreed to acquire the US based business-to-business agency David Wood Associates with 150 employees and annual income of $19.9 million to join its Merkle network…Ogilvy... Read more
Published 14th Nov 2017, 16:47

Dentsu’s international revenues rise but group profit falls

Dentsu’s US and South American operations provided a major fillip to its revenue and gross income in the nine months to 30 September, but gross income from domestic business declined by 2.4% and... Read more
Published 24th Oct 2017, 15:58

Interpublic’s profit slips: Pakistan corruption charges being examined

The Interpublic Group of Companies today joined its fellow US marketing company Omnicom Group in reporting a 0.7% decline in revenue over the nine months to 30 September 2017.   Stripped of adverse... Read more
Published 22nd Sep 2017, 10:06

RacePoint former CFO charged with $3.6m embezzlement

The former chief financial officer of Larry Weber’s Boston based public relations group has been charged with embezzling over $3.6 million by wire fraud and money laundering. The accused chief... Read more
Published 9th Aug 2017, 16:11

Currencies and amortisation held back Dentsu’s growth

Dentsu’s purposeful expansion overseas has had a short-term detrimental financial impact as its profit fell by 14.2% to ¥30,712 million ($268 million) for the half year to 30 June. Revenue grew... Read more
Published 7th Jun 2017, 14:21

Private Equity: is there a better way?

Can value be realised from a private business without the risk of giving up control? The Business Growth Fund may provide one answer.   In the nineteen eighties marketing agencies were created... Read more