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Published 3rd May 2017, 11:32

Wright leaves Porta Communications after string of losses

Seventy two year old David Wright, the founder of the loss-making AIM listed public relations group Porta Communications, has relinquished his role as executive chairman and retired from the board... Read more
Published 23rd Nov 2016, 15:28

The Creston conundrum: is private better than public?

It is a curious coincidence that the publicly listed marketing group Creston announced plans to leave the stock market in the same week as Marketing Services Financial Intelligence announced its 2016... Read more
Published 16th Jun 2015, 19:27

What caused Grayling’s growing pains?

On 16 June shareholders in the listed international public relations group Huntsworth met to approve the annual report for 2014 that recorded a £56 million loss, the stepping aside of its chief... Read more
Published 30th May 2015, 09:48

Grayling’s Growing Pains

Huntsworth’s ambition to build a profitable global public relations brand over the last 10 years under three successive divisional chief executives has so far proved to be a financial disaster. ... Read more
Published 1st Nov 2013, 09:25

Porta uses shares to acquire control of Thirteen

Porta Communications has increased its stake in Andrew Baiden’s Project 13 Communications public relations business to give it a controlling 51% shareholding.  The company is trading as... Read more
Published 11th Jan 2012, 15:36

Media Square laid bare: A story of mistakes and misjudged acquisitions

The story of Media Square is first and foremost a story of misjudged acquisitions some of which cost a lot to finance and often failed to generate anything like the profits expected of them. Over... Read more
Published 12th Sep 2011, 23:37

Fine, Finer, Finex…or how to sell a business more than once

Ray Fine’s ability to buy and sell his direct marketing business several times over, and each time at a profit, is not unique but certainly not commonplace either. His business was originally... Read more
Published 18th Aug 2011, 13:38

Oh Mr Porta, what shall we do?

Porta Communications, the revamped AIM listed shell headed by former Incepta Group chief David Wright, has changed its broker after several hiccups occurred in announcing changes in... Read more
Published 26th Jul 2011, 16:33

Porta’s previous management team exits

Adam Reynolds and Paul Foulger, the previous management team at the AIM listed “shell” company Porta Communications, are leaving the company and disposing of substantially all their share... Read more
Published 30th Jun 2011, 11:45

Porta waiting to pounce with £2.4m cash

Porta Communications, the AIM listed acquisition vehicle headed by the veteran former Incepta Group chief executive David Wright, reported results for 2010 this morning that showed no results at all... Read more