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Published 5th Dec 2018, 09:36

Design consultancy and media buyer achieve top rankings in this year’s “Private Plums” awards

Two privately owned marketing agencies achieved the highest score for their financial credentials in this year’s Private Plums awards and both have done so before. Announcing the results of the... Read more
Published 7th Feb 2018, 10:29

Repositioning CHI prompted agency loss of £366,000 in 2016

The rebranding of the advertising agency originally named Clemmow Hornby Inge and more recently known as CHI & Partners followed a period during which the London agency reported a £366,000 loss... Read more
Published 19th Nov 2017, 16:33

Designer, media buyer and ad agency win top award for financial credentials

Three privately-owned UK marketing agencies won the full complement of eight “plums” for their financial credentials in this year’s Private Plums awards, but there was a slight decline in the... Read more
Published 18th Nov 2016, 16:43

The7Stars UK media agency dazzles again

The media agency The7Stars UK and TRBR (owner of The Red Brick Road advertising agency) have shared this year’s top award for their financial credentials in our annual review designed to promote... Read more
Published 17th Feb 2016, 13:52

Rapier in profit: 85% of sales are to CHI

Rapier Communications generated 85% of its sales through fellow subsidiaries of the CHI & Partners Holdings group in the year to 30 September 2015, enabling the reborn direct marketing agency to... Read more
Published 3rd Nov 2015, 12:12

The7Stars media agency tops awards for financial credentials

In a year when marketing agencies found it harder to grow and to maintain profitability, media buyer The7Stars UK has shown that it can still be done. This is the second successive year in which... Read more
Published 11th Dec 2014, 08:11

Three privately-owned agencies score full marks in this year’s awards

Three privately owned marketing agencies have won the highest accolade for their financial credentials in this year’s survey of privately owned UK marketing agencies - the "Private Plums" -... Read more
Published 13th Dec 2013, 07:45

Essence Digital Group tops rankings in “Private Plums” awards for 2013

Essence Digital Group has come top of our annual awards scheme that assesses the financial credentials of privately-owned marketing agencies. The “Private Plums” scheme was launched by... Read more
Published 26th Nov 2012, 12:07

Four privately-owned agencies win maximum score for financial credentials

Adam and Eve Group, Karmarama, Response One Holdings and Ptarmigan Media Holdings all achieved the maximum score for their financial credentials in the annual awards made to privately-owned marketing... Read more
Published 3rd Sep 2012, 22:10

Rapier administrators still in negotiations with potential buyers

Plans to transfer the business of the failed marketing agency Rapier to a company controlled by CHI & Partners remained at the negotiating stage today and it may be too early to assume that a... Read more