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Published 23rd Mar 2018, 12:25

Cello reports £4.2m post-tax profit as abnormalities decline

Cello Group, the AIM-listed marketing group that now focusses almost exclusively on healthcare, has decided to change its name to Cello Health after reporting a return to profit in 2017. Cello has... Read more
Published 13th Mar 2018, 00:35

Sector share prices: 12 March 2018

Share price movements in the marketing sector were somewhat erratic in the month to 12 March, with roughly half of the shares making significant gains while most of the others made significant... Read more
Published 12th Feb 2018, 20:52

Sector share prices: 12 February 2018

The impact of last week’s stock market dip has continued almost unchanged since.  On the morning of 6 February, after the main price slide, the sector’s MSFI Index stood at 78.2, having lost... Read more
Published 18th Jan 2018, 15:33

Cello becomes cash positive despite paying £1.5m to shed staff

Cello Group, the AIM listed marketing business with a strong healthcare focus, expects to report a £1.5 million abnormal charge in its 2017 accounts after “substantially” reducing its headcount... Read more
Published 15th Jan 2018, 10:25

Sector share prices: 12 January 2018

Share prices of marketing companies moved forward in close alignment with the FTSE All-Share Index in the month to 12 January.  The industry’s MSFI Index improved by 3.48% while the FTSE... Read more
Published 13th Dec 2017, 10:26

Huntsworth share price doubled in 2017

Shares in the international public relations group Huntsworth more than doubled in value in 2017 and have recovered to the price last recorded in 2010. Huntsworth has topped our table of publicly... Read more
Published 12th Dec 2017, 22:42

Sector share prices: 12 December 2017

Shares of marketing services companies continued to gain value in the month to 12 December as the sector’s MSFI Index improved by a further 2.13%.  In the same period the FTSE All-Share Index... Read more
Published 12th Nov 2017, 19:11

Sector share prices: 12 November 2017

Shares in marketing companies had their best performance since January in the latest month to 12 November.  The sector’s MSFI Index increased by 3.59% to 78.7 (January 2001 = 100) while the FTSE... Read more
Published 19th Oct 2017, 17:05

Sector share prices: 12 October 2017

Shares in marketing companies remained unsettled in the month to 12 October under the cloud of Brexit and with evidence of a global slowdown in business.   The sector’s MSFI Index rose by 1.76%... Read more
Published 20th Sep 2017, 16:59

Cello back in profit…and growing

AIM listed Cello Group produced a healthy recovery in the first half of 2017, reporting a post-tax profit of almost £2.2 million compared with a loss of £0.9 million in the corresponding period of... Read more