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Published 20th Sep 2017, 16:59

Cello back in profit…and growing

AIM listed Cello Group produced a healthy recovery in the first half of 2017, reporting a post-tax profit of almost £2.2 million compared with a loss of £0.9 million in the corresponding period of... Read more
Published 14th Sep 2017, 09:13

Sector share prices: 12 September 2017

**Due to a defect in information supplied by the London Stock Exchange, share price movements for the month to 12 October are not yet available** Share index movements in the month to 12 September... Read more
Published 14th Aug 2017, 13:56

Sector share prices: 12 August 2017

Share prices in the marketing sector remained fairly static in the month to 12 August and the sector’s MSFI Index improved by only 0.87%.  However, that improvement was slightly better than the... Read more
Published 1st Aug 2017, 13:46

Marketing groups need shareholders to balance acquisition funding

A new survey of UK publicly listed marketing groups by Marketing Services Financial Intelligence shows that their recent expansion has continued to rely on borrowings to a greater extent than... Read more
Published 19th Jul 2017, 23:58

Cello facing more abnormal costs

Any hope that abnormal expenditure might become a thing of the past at Cello Group was dashed this morning when the company gave advance notice that its digital Cello Signal division would incur a... Read more
Published 18th Jul 2017, 09:54

Cello makes cautious initial payment for US healthcare consultancy

Cello Group is paying an initial $1.5 million in cash to acquire the assets of the US healthcare product development consultancy Advantage Healthcare. The initial acquisition price appears to... Read more
Published 14th Jul 2017, 09:32

Sector share prices: 12 July 2017

Shares in marketing services groups followed the overall downward trend of the stock market in the month to 12 July as the sector’s MSFI Index lost 2.08% of its value.   In the same period the... Read more
Published 26th Jun 2017, 09:52

Liontrust builds bigger stake in Cello

Liontrust Investment Partners has increased its share stake in Cello Group still further, reaching 12.12% of the issued capital. Last month Liontrust increased its shareholding to 11.02% (see... Read more
Published 12th Jun 2017, 18:12

Sector share prices: 12 June 2017

The General Election has poured a further bucket load of cold water on to the stock market and there can be little likelihood of any excitement for some time to come. Shares in marketing... Read more
Published 7th Jun 2017, 14:21

Private Equity: is there a better way?

Can value be realised from a private business without the risk of giving up control? The Business Growth Fund may provide one answer.   In the nineteen eighties marketing agencies were created... Read more