Print Published in 2004

Saatchi’s second coming

In the late nineteen seventies Charles and Maurice Saatchi were the darlings of the stock market as their first advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi Company gobbled up the world. Then it went pear-shaped and they left under a cloud. But every cloud has a silver lining.

M&C Saatchi made its debut on the stock exchange in June 2004 and the question not far from every prospective investor’s lips was: will this newcomer be more reliable than the Saatchi brothers’ previous incarnation?

This Special Report – available only to subscribers free of charge by following the instructions below – analyses the success of the Saatchis’ second coming, operating on a rather more modest scale and probably intentionally so. Its five founders – all from the previous Saatchi business – have many years’ experience. The company has a solid base of good clients and delivers some award-winning work. It has shown an enlightened and imaginative approach to motivating the management of its international offices and other ventures. It has backed some good quality complementary start-ups, the most notable being the media buying agency Walker Media Holdings.