Sector Share Prices

MSFI Index 12Mar17
Free Published 13th Mar 2017, 11:01

Share prices of most companies in the marketing sector registered little change in the month to 12 March and the sector’s MSFI Index rose by only 1.37% to 74.8 (12 Jan 2001: 100).  The FTSE... Read more

The Private Plums

Published 18th Nov 2016, 16:43

The7Stars UK media agency dazzles again

The media agency The7Stars UK and TRBR (owner of The Red Brick Road advertising agency) have shared this year’s top award for their financial credentials in our annual review designed to promote... Read more

Special Reports

Dentsu’s Daring Dash

Published 5th Jan 2017, 00:14

Sixty-five year old Tadashi Ishii has proved an adventurous leader of the Japanese marketing group Dentsu since he took charge as chief executive officer in April 2011. Within months of his... Read more

The Global Greats 2016

Published 24th Aug 2016, 19:22

WPP, Omnicom Group and Publicis Groupe consolidated their substantial lead over competitors in 2015, accounting between them for almost 57% of all the revenue generated by the 30 largest marketing... Read more

Special Reports Index

Published 1st Aug 2015, 08:35

The Special Reports listed below are available in full only to paid-up subscribers.  They include annual surveys as well as in-depth analysis of companies that have been in the news. Follow... Read more

Financial FactFinder

This is our unique database — available to subscribers only — of UK marcoms companies listed on the stock exchange. It summarises profits, balance sheet strength and key financial performance indicators for the latest five years. Read more

Latest News

Published 14th Mar 2017, 14:48

Crossrider loses £10.7m after app retrenchment and Definiti write-down

Revenue earned by the AIM listed online advertising and app distribution company Crossrider fell by 33% in 2016 as it ceased any further investment in web applications and refocussed on becoming a... Read more
Published 12th Mar 2017, 19:00

Latest £41.5m share award brings Sorrell’s WPP stake to £385m

WPP’s founder and chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell was awarded shares worth £41.5 million last week in respect of the final year of the company’s LEAP incentive scheme.  Nearly half of those... Read more
Published 10th Mar 2017, 22:02

Havas merges creative and media into regional profit centres

Havas Group is merging its creative and media resources into regionally based business units. Announcing the change, Havas said that the group’s two divisions - Havas Creative Group and... Read more
Published 10th Mar 2017, 10:20

Communisis held back by more restructuring

Communisis, the stock market listed customer communications agency, announced a small increase in operating profit in 2016 before charging exceptional items of £4.3 million.  However, the post-tax... Read more
Published 7th Mar 2017, 16:59

Four adds Legend to its social and content engagement

Four Communications Group has acquired Legend Engage, owners of the Mapper360TM methodology that delivers real-time data and market research for use in developing content for marketing and public... Read more
Published 7th Mar 2017, 11:39

St Ives loses £28m in half year after another big SP write-down

St Ives has been hit again by very big write-downs in the amounts paid for acquired businesses, resulting in a post-tax loss of £28 million in the half year to 27 January. The purchase of SP... Read more
Published 6th Mar 2017, 09:56

Commercial director Goodwin to leave Mission

South African chartered accountant Chris Goodwin is retiring as commercial director and a main board member at The Mission Marketing Group at the end of this month. His role will be absorbed... Read more
Published 4th Mar 2017, 10:02

WPP delays decision on valuing its comScore shareholding

WPP has decided to delay any review of the value of its 19.5% shareholding in controversial US audience measurement company comScore for the time being, despite a $106 million (£87 million)... Read more
Published 3rd Mar 2017, 18:27

Morton increases Porta stake to 18.7%

A trust associated with Bob Morton, the former chairman of Porta Communications, has increased its shareholding in the AIM listed public relations company from 16.53% to 18.68%, the company announced... Read more
Published 3rd Mar 2017, 18:06

WPP reports 17.6% revenue growth and £1.4bn post-tax profit

WPP’s gross income (net sales) increased by 17.8% in 2016 and its operating profit leapt by 26.4%. The group’s revenue increased by 17.6%, putting it nearly 27% ahead of its closest rival... Read more