Print Published 3rd Mar 2016, 13:00

Motivation at M&C: How managers share ownership of their businesses

Emblazoned across an early page of M&C Saatchi’s website is the statement: “If you own something you care more: our managers have equity in their business” – a statement that could easily be dismissed as a gimmicky attempt to distinguish the agency from others.Motivation at M&C_P1

But there is a justification.  At M&C Saatchi, the publicly listed parent company shares the ownership of individual agencies with its executives, whereas at other marketing groups the most that is normally offered to the senior executives of individual agencies is the opportunity to share ownership in the group with other group shareholders.

So it should have come as no surprise to learn a few weeks ago that senior executives at M&C Saatchi’s London agency were to acquire personal shareholdings in that business too (see M&C Saatchi in talks about partial buyout of UK agency).

In this Special Report, available free of charge to subscribers onlyMarketing Services Financial Intelligence tells how the M&C Saatchi shared ownership model works and asks why other agencies have been slow to follow.