Print Published 1st Mar 2019, 20:36

Marketing Services Financial Intelligence closing

On 31 January we announced that an approach had been received by a party expressing interest in taking over publication of Marketing Services Financial Intelligence and thereby avoiding closure.  Unfortunately no formal proposal had been forthcoming by yesterday’s deadline and so the publication will cease shortly.

As previously announced, arrangements have been made to assign the publishing rights of the Private Plums annual survey to Kingston Smith so that it will form part of that firm’s ongoing range of services to the marketing sector.

Arrangements are also being made to deposit the entire archive of Marketing Services Financial Intelligence with The History of Advertising Trust (HAT). Access to past content will thereby become available to the public in accordance with HAT’s normal terms in due course.  Further details may be obtained at or by contacting the Trust at Hat House, 12 Raveningham Centre, Raveningham, Norwich NR14 6NU (telephone 01508 548623, email

We are continuing to explore the possibility of bringing together the 27 Special Reports previously published in Marketing Services Financial Intelligence into a single volume and publishing this in book form for the benefit of future agency and marketing executives and students of accountancy.  We would also hope to include in such a book a further Special Report that has so far remained unpublished for legal reasons.

It remains our intention to repay the unexpired proportion of annual subscriptions as at the end of February notwithstanding that there is no obligation to do so under the company’s terms of business.

We take this opportunity to reiterate our thanks to all our past subscribers and to the many companies who have assisted us in preparing the content during the past 18 years.