Print Published 16th Dec 2016, 16:52

Should HMRC do business with a company part owned in a tax haven?

There is a certain irony in the announcement by Communisis that it has won a major contract from HM Revenue & Customs to handle “outbound customer communications” when the group is being stalked by a resident of the Jersey tax haven, namely Richard Griffiths.

Earlier this week Communisis announced that Griffiths and his associated companies had built up an 18.7% stake in the company (see Griffiths shareholding in Communisis reaches 18.68%)

Among Griffiths’ Jersey registered companies that hold shares in Communisis are ORA and Blake Holdings, both located at Kensington Chambers, 46/50 Kensington Place, St Helier, JE1 1ET.  Griffiths is chairman of ORA and featured among “Jersey’s rich immigrants” in the Jersey Evening Post of 21 April 2015.