Print Published 31st Dec 2018, 00:01

Freud engages in accounting date antics yet again

Matthew Freud’s high profile public relations business Freud 3.0 has taken advantage of a weakness in company law yet again, deferring the deadline for filing its 2017 accounts by another three months and bringing the total extension so far to six months.

This is by no means the first occasion when the company has used this device and delayed filing its accounts. By notifying the Registrar of Companies that it had adjusted its 2017 accounting year-end by one day last September, the company had already been able to defer the deadline for delivery of its 2017 accounts by three months until 28 December instead of 30 September (see Freud 3.0 changes accounting date and delays accounts…again).

A further change of one day was notified last Friday, extending the deadline until 28 March 2019.