Print Published 5th Jan 2017, 00:14

Dentsu’s Daring Dash

Sixty-five year old Tadashi Ishii has proved an adventurous leader of the Japanese marketing group Dentsu since he took charge as chief executive officer in April 2011.

Within months of his promotion he was involved in the unravelling of the relationship with Publicis Groupe – a product of Dentsu’s earlier alliance with Bcom3 before that group was acquired by Publicis in 2002 (see Publicis offers multiple of 115 to acquire underperforming Bcom3).  The unravelling put £535 million into Dentsu’s coffers and removed the obligation to gain Publicis approval for future investments or commercial liaisons with competitor companies.

Thus the stage was set for a transformational deal with Aegis Group that offered the prospect of creating a truly global business providing international media buying coverage and a substantial enhancement of Dentsu’s digital marketing and media businesses.

But in pursuing its global ambitions, Dentsu seems to have lost sight of its domestic operations where evidence has recently emerged of over-billing, false accounting and dubious employment conditions.  Now chief executive officer Tadashi Ishii has resigned.

Read our Special Report on how Dentsu pursued its global ambitions since being admitted to the Tokyo stock market in 2001 and under Tadashi Ishii’s reign since he took on the chief executive officer’s role in April 2011.  It is available only to subscribers by following the link below.

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