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Special Report: Time up for Tempus

When Havas Advertising offered to pay Tempus Group shareholders 50% above the market price for their shares in the vain hope of deterring a counter-bid from WPP Group, the only question remaining was... Read more

Envoy – Leagas Delaney deal collapses

Shares in Canadian marketing group Envoy Communications Group fell to $3.26 Canadian (near their lowest point in the last year) as take-over talks with Leagas Delaney Group collapsed on 25... Read more

Wolff Olins buy-out team could pocket £3 million each from Omnicom sale

The sale of brand identity consultancy Wolff Olins to Omnicom Group could put over £3 million into the pocket of each member of the management team that assumed control four years ago under an... Read more

Don Elgie rises again to create Creston quoted acquisition vehicle

Don Elgie, one of the early directors of demised advertising agencies Grandfield Rork Collins and Elgie Stewart Smith, has succeeded in creating a potentially exciting publicly-quoted vehicle for... Read more

What the top bosses earned last year

Below we set out full details of the remuneration packages paid to the top earners in the UK public... Read more

OneMonday suffers a US technical hitch

Publicly listed PR consultancy OneMonday Group suffered a double whammy from being heavily dependent both on high-tech clients and on the US economy in its latest financial year to 31 July... Read more

Interest saving hopes may have driven Omnicom’s $750m debt restructuring

Omnicom Group has issued $750 million of new 30-year convertible loan notes - called “LYONs” - to replace some of its existing longterm borrowings. Ostensibly the new notes will bear no interest... Read more

Dentsu’s defensive debut

Japan’s biggest advertising agency group has dominated its domestic market for many years, but has failed to become a truly global player. Now competition in its own back yard has driven the group... Read more

Hatch Group launches with big ambitions

Ex-Shandwick executive Michael Murphy has launched a new marketing services business called Hatch Group and acquired the public relations consultancy MacLaurin Group from Brian MacLaurin and his wife... Read more

Realism at last as profits and shares slide

Incepta Group and Tempus Group have joined Aegis Group in announcing substantially reduced half-year profits, while almost all the publicly listed marketing services groups are predicting a further... Read more