Sector Share Prices

Free Published 14th Jun 2018, 09:47

Share prices in the marketing sector bucked the positive wider trend as the industry’s MSFI Index fell by 5.03% in the month to 12 June while the FTSE All-Share index remained almost... Read more

The Private Plums

Published 19th Nov 2017, 16:33

Designer, media buyer and ad agency win top award for financial credentials

Three privately-owned UK marketing agencies won the full complement of eight “plums” for their financial credentials in this year’s Private Plums awards, but there was a slight decline in the... Read more

Special Reports

Marketing groups need shareholders to balance acquisition funding

Published 1st Aug 2017, 13:46

A new survey of UK publicly listed marketing groups by Marketing Services Financial Intelligence shows that their recent expansion has continued to rely on borrowings to a greater extent than... Read more

Special Reports Index

Published 1st Jan 2012, 08:35

The Special Reports listed below are available in full only to paid-up subscribers.  They include annual surveys as well as in-depth analysis of companies that have been in the news. Follow... Read more

Financial FactFinder

This is our unique database — available to subscribers only — of UK marcoms companies listed on the stock exchange. It summarises profits, balance sheet strength and key financial performance indicators for the latest five years. Read more

Latest News

Published 18th Jun 2018, 21:01

Dentsu beefs up its VR resources

Dentsu is planning to beef up the resources it dedicates to its virtual reality businesses in the sports and entertainment markets, drawing on technology developed by LiveLike in which Dentsu... Read more
Published 16th Jun 2018, 00:34

Ebiquity clicks onto loss-making Snapchat

Ebiquity, the AIM listed marketing performance monitoring specialist, has entered into an arrangement with the US camera messaging app Snapchat to allow clients to better understand the app’s... Read more
Published 13th Jun 2018, 13:51

WPP still being held back by its Kantar businesses

WPP’s research and data management activities (described as data investment management and branded as “Kantar”) continued to hold back growth in the first four months of 2018, the company... Read more
Published 13th Jun 2018, 11:11

Competition threat stalls Ebiquity’s deal with Nielsen

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced today that it believes the proposed acquisition by Nielsen Market Research of the advertising intelligence division of the marketing performance... Read more
Published 11th Jun 2018, 22:39

Nix claims he provided “millions of dollars” to Cambridge Analytica prior to insolvency

Former chief executive Alexander Nix has claimed he personally funded salaries and running costs to keep the US data analysis and consulting firm Cambridge Analytica and its related UK companies... Read more
Published 9th Jun 2018, 14:43

Ogilvy consolidation: all in one P&L

This week’s announcement that the Ogilvy group of businesses will be brought together to form an integrated multi-disciplined entity under the single Ogilvy brand with their performance accounted... Read more
Published 7th Jun 2018, 22:41

MDC offers inducement to incoming chief accounting officer

MDC Partners, the loss-making and heavily indebted Canadian marketing group, has offered a stock inducement to attract a new chief accounting officer. The incoming executive Vincenzo DiMaggio will... Read more
Published 6th Jun 2018, 16:05

SEC corrects its 2017 half-year results

SEC, the Italian public relations group that invested £3 million in Porta Communications last year and whose shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange, has admitted to a series of errors in the... Read more
Published 1st Jun 2018, 15:49

Porta withdraws three resolutions from annual meeting

Faced with shareholder reservations, Porta Communications decided to withdraw three resolutions without putting them to a vote at yesterday's annual meeting. Two of the withdrawn resolutions... Read more
Published 31st May 2018, 14:40

Matomy Media: another quarter, another loss

Matomy Media Group, the AIM listed Israeli digital advertising sales business, lost another $7.3 million in the first quarter of 2018, bringing its cumulative losses to date to $14.5... Read more