Sector Share Prices

MSFI Index 12Nov17
Free Published 12th Nov 2017, 19:11

Shares in marketing companies had their best performance since January in the latest month to 12 November.  The sector’s MSFI Index increased by 3.59% to 78.7 (January 2001 = 100) while the FTSE... Read more

The Private Plums

Published 2nd Nov 2017, 13:09

This year’s survey coming soon

Every year we assess the financial credentials of some 70 privately-owned marketing agencies and award them up to eight “Private Plums”, depending on their quality.  Agencies with the biggest... Read more

Special Reports

Marketing groups need shareholders to balance acquisition funding

Published 1st Aug 2017, 13:46

A new survey of UK publicly listed marketing groups by Marketing Services Financial Intelligence shows that their recent expansion has continued to rely on borrowings to a greater extent than... Read more

Private Equity: is there a better way?

Published 7th Jun 2017, 14:21

Can value be realised from a private business without the risk of giving up control? The Business Growth Fund may provide one answer.   In the nineteen eighties marketing agencies were created... Read more

Special Reports Index

Published 1st Jan 2012, 08:35

The Special Reports listed below are available in full only to paid-up subscribers.  They include annual surveys as well as in-depth analysis of companies that have been in the news. Follow... Read more

Financial FactFinder

This is our unique database — available to subscribers only — of UK marcoms companies listed on the stock exchange. It summarises profits, balance sheet strength and key financial performance indicators for the latest five years. Read more

Latest News

Published 16th Nov 2017, 23:39

Havas revenue remains in the doldrums

Havas Group today joined most of the other major global groups in reporting negligible revenue growth of 0.6% in the nine months to 30 September.  If currency movements were to be excluded the... Read more
Published 16th Nov 2017, 11:45

WPP offers “constructive” talks and capital injection if ADK offer fails

WPP last night reaffirmed its decision not to tender its 24.9% shareholding in Asatsu-DK to Bain Capital and offered to “engage constructively” with the board of ADK if the tender offer fails.... Read more
Published 15th Nov 2017, 17:14

WPP proceeds with petition to stop sale of its ADK shares

Asatsu-DK confirmed today that WPP is seeking a court order to prevent the Japanese group from forcing WPP to sell its 24.9% shareholding. The news prompted a further 2.8% fall in WPP’s share... Read more
Published 14th Nov 2017, 16:47

Dentsu’s international revenues rise but group profit falls

Dentsu’s US and South American operations provided a major fillip to its revenue and gross income in the nine months to 30 September, but gross income from domestic business declined by 2.4% and... Read more
Published 10th Nov 2017, 10:48

Be Heard to raise £5.6m to buy The Corner Communications

Be Heard Group is acquiring the integrated marketing agency The Corner Communications (London) for an initial £8.7 million and is raising £5.6 million to help pay for it. The funds are being... Read more
Published 8th Nov 2017, 19:19

WPP’s share price hits three year low

Shares in WPP – the world’s biggest marketing group - have fallen from an all-time high in February this year to a three year low tonight. When the London stock market closed this evening... Read more
Published 6th Nov 2017, 21:00

MDC explains its $17.8m “other income”

The Canadian marketing group MDC Partners has confirmed that the $17.8 million gain included as “other income” in its financial results for the nine months to 30 September was indeed an... Read more
Published 6th Nov 2017, 16:45

Lord Ashcroft’s Jaywing shareholding in the spotlight

Lord Ashcroft’s 24.6% shareholding in the AIM listed marketing, analytics and risk management agency Jaywing has come under the spotlight after the former Conservative Party treasurer was... Read more
Published 2nd Nov 2017, 13:25

Mother adopts Far East infant

Mother is forging a more permanent relationship with 10-year-old The Secret Little Agency in the Far East by acquiring a majority interest in the Shanghai subsidiary of the Singapore based... Read more
Published 2nd Nov 2017, 11:26

WPP accuses ADK of breaching share agreement

WPP has accused the Japanese marketing group Asatsu DK of breaching a stock purchase agreement entered into in August 1998.  As a result of the alleged breach, WPP claims that it is entitled to... Read more